For the Love of Food

I love food. When Sam and I aren’t enjoying delicious food, I’m usually thinking about what delicious meal we can make next. I love to eat out, there’s something so delicious about eating food that someone else has made, but I also think that you should be able to have delicious meals made at home too!

But, let’s be real…not many of us have time to spend hours in the kitchen creating our own recipes. And quite frankly, I don’t want to. I know that every recipe I’ll ever want has already been created. I just need to find them. And living a simple life means that I find the great ones and share them with you!

For inspiration, I have several go-to places. The first is my mom’s recipe box. Here is a collection of well-loved recipe cards splattered with batter, sauce, and melted butter. Some of my favorite recipes from the box include her delicious CHOCOLATE MAYONNAISE CAKE. And her SOUR CREAM ENCHILADAS. (We’ll make these together soon).

Another source of inspiration for me is Taste of Home magazine. I began reading these treasure troves of recipes with my grandma in the 1990s (since by then I was alive). Back in those days all their magazines were ad-free and brimming with delicious recipes that have now become family favorites. I still subscribe to the beloved magazine and, as Sam will attest, I get much to excited when it surprises me in mail each month. Stay tuned for many beloved Taste of Home recipes that I will share on At Home with Ian.

There’s more… no kitchen is complete without an old worn-out copy of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. I grew up learning from my mom’s 1976 edition of the book (one of her and my dad’s wedding presents). Quite frankly, I think this is the last of the great editions of this book. The later ones have too many recipes that use mixes and other pre-fab ingredients. This book is beloved in our family because page 122 includes the world’s best SUGAR COOKIES. Hands down, these are the best sugar cookies you will ever eat. We make them for every holiday…so get ready to make them soon.

Finally, I love to get new ideas from friends. I always love it when people gift me with recipes. Sam and I have many new recipes that we received as wedding gifts. I’m hoping to make some of them soon. Feel free to share your recipes with me!

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