It’s the Holiday Season…

Wait! Before you panic and  never read my blog again because you think I’m going to tell you that Christmastime is here….I’m not! So stay….keep reading. To me the holiday season starts at Halloween time and extends through New Year’s Day, so relax…breathe…it’s still Fall 🙂

This post is going to focus on our outdoor decor, mainly because I was too tired to take pictures of all our indoor Fall decor last night. We don’t go in for the super “spooky” or gory Halloween decor, but we love to be festive and let the neighborhood know that we love to participate in holiday decor and of course…trick-or-treating.

Last year was our first Halloween in our new home, and I have never seen so many trick-or-treaters. I’m not kidding, at 11pm we  shut off the lights and put the candy bowl out front (it was gone the next morning…candy, bowl, and all) because it was a school night,  and kids just kept coming to the door, and I was tired.

We started this season with a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch. If the “Great Pumpkin” were real I know  he would live at the “Original Maize” on Sauvie Island, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Here’s a link to all the fun. Here is the most serene pumpkin patch complete with fun treats (caramel apples, corn on the cob, kettle corn); an incredible farmers market, where Sam laughs as I go crazy buying mountains of organic potatoes, so much squash, and giant stalks of brussels sprouts; a petting zoo; the Maize, of course; and the world’s best pumpkin patch.   My family has been enjoying Fall fun at “The Maize” for the past 26 years, and it would not feel like Fall if we didn’t make a pilgrimage out to Sauvie Island.


With our rubber boots on and rain jackets tied around our waists we searched (along with the rest of Portland) for the perfect pumpkins. And we found them! As we tromped through the mud, I was astounded by some people’s choice of footwear. The pumpkin patch is not the place to wear your favorite leather boots, your white sneakers, or heels. So there’s that.


Sam’s such a good sport, he carried two pumpkins so I could take the photos 🙂 Yes the one in his right hand is yellow. We fell in love with it!20161031_182742

While we do love to carve pumpkins, we usually wait until October 29 or 30 so that we will have fresh Jack-o-lanterns to great our little trick-or-treaters. For a simple festive look, we used these easy pre-fab sticker kits and an adorable Snoopy stick-in pumpkin set that my mom bought me years ago.


Our driveway is lined with these ridiculous stairs. They are they kind that you have to either take in one gigantic leap, or 3 awkward tiny steps. I’m always afraid someone is going to trip and fall so we found a festive way to light them up! This idea is one I found on Pinterest. Our “ghosts” are just milk jugs with faces drawn on via Sharpie. Then we filled them with water and added some “spooky” glow sticks from the DollarTree. For Halloween night, I did splurge and order white glow sticks from, but these give you the idea.


Finally, since we just paid for our wedding, new Halloween costumes just weren’t in the budget. So we’re reusing these cute “Star Wars” onsies from last year. We also have slippers to match!

Soon I’ll post our indoor decor pictures.

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