The Lost Art of the Thank You Card


I love to get mail. There’s something so special about a handwritten note surprising me in our mailbox. But there’s a piece of mail that should not be sent or received as a surprise…that would be the thank you card.

If you have ever received any form of gift, kindness, or special action from ANYONE, you should have sent them a thank you card.

Call me old-fashioned, I’ll be the first one to say it, but there is nothing old-fashioned about showing gratitude. There are a few simple guidelines I have to help guide us all through this process.

  1. If someone gave you a gift, walked your dog, bought your coffee, brought you flowers, watered your lawn, helped you at work, had you over for dinner,  pulled your donkey out of a ditch, or any other sort of kind gesture, you should send them a handwritten thank you note.
  2. NO….a text message or email is not enough. Why? because it shows not thought or effort.
  3. Send the note in a timely fashion. Typically within one week of when you received your gift or kind action.
  4. There are exceptions:
    1. Many people have ideas about how soon wedding thank you cards should be sent, but I think 6 months is the time limit you have to thank people for wedding presents. Most people understand that the months immediately following your wedding are busy and full of change.
    2. Baby gifts: after your family and friends celebrate your new little addition send them thank you notes within 3 months.

Have thoughts, funny stories, or other ideas? Share them with me in the comments!



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