The Day We Got the Camaro…and Pasta!

Ok…so the sad truth is that I did not take pictures of our Fall decor inside the house last night. I have been having incredibly horrible headaches the past week, and I finally went to see my doctor. He diagnosed me with “occipital neuralgia” so I am now finally taking a medication that is helping to dissapate the crazy headaches I have had for the past week.

So instead of fall decor, I’m going to tell you a little story from last Spring. First of all, you must know that Sam and I both tend to be impulse shoppers. It’s horrible, we know. And it has gotten so much better, but last spring it was still in full swing.

Sam graduated from Arizona State University last spring and we all headed to Tempe, Arizona to celebrate that. Of course we needed to rent a car while we were there. Sam and I had reserved an economy car through Costco. It was our first real car rental since we were both finally 25, and it was going to cost next to nothing. At the rental car kiosk we were in line behind Sams’s dad, Greg. After Greg had his keys, he went to wait with the rest of the family for Sam and I to get our car.

Long story short, the guy at the counter talked us in to renting the beautiful red Camaro you see below, instead of the Chevy Aveo or other tiny car we had originally reserved. Was it impulsive? Yes! In Greg’s words, ” he saw you two coming.” He was right!


Of course we took a few obligatory photos…

Then we began the process of stuffing our luggage in the trunk. Neither of us know how to pack lite…what can I say? So that was a process that took Sam’s tetris skills, and the entire back seat! But we made it. And we realized we were all starving…


So of course we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix, or as we lovingly call it “Spag Fac.” What you need to know is how deeply I love this restaurant. Between the sourdough bread, mizithra and brown butter, and creamy pesto salad dressing I just can’t resist.  Sam has jumped on my crazy train, and we now make a pilgrimage to this place whenever there is one near by. Then I sit down and start crossing all the locations I’ve been too off of the paper place mat. (His family thinks I’m crazy). I call it dedication!

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