Oh, Martha…#moveovermarthastewart

If you’ve seen my wonderful husband share my blog posts, you’ve seen the hastag #moveovermarthastewart. I love Martha, I’m a huge fan and I have been for years. I read her blog everyday and I’ve started taking copies of Martha Stewart Living magazine from my mother-in-law because I’m too cheap to subscribe, plus I feel like I have access to all that content online.

I have worshiped at the altar of Martha Stewart for years. I have such fond memories of watching her original show, Martha Stewart Living, with my mom and my grandma  in the 1990s. Back in those days we would sit with notepads and pencils in hands so we could write down the recipes and ideas that we loved from her show. I love how Martha is always doing something amazing…storing the gravel from her driveway for the winter, wintering her tropical plants in green houses, working on her farm, baking incredible cookies, frosting the perfect cake, arranging flowers that she grew, or taking photos of her gorgeous chow chows.

I want to be Martha when I grow up. A lifestyle empire really is my goal. #moveovermarthastewart is here to stay. I hope you follow my blog along the way 🙂 Plus, I really love my empire’s name…At Home with Ian….

Do you have any thoughts?

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