Finally Our Fall Decor

This weekend I still haven’t felt the greatest, so my wonderful husband has been taking pictures so I could share our Fall decor with all of you. The thing I want to point out is that, so much of what we have is what we have collected over time. Most of our fall collection consists of things that we bought on clearance after the holidays or things from our favorite discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx. Enjoy!

22850404_10214783514721878_1938351613_o (1).jpg

Let’s Start with our mantle. I just love having a mantle, it is so much fun to decorate for every season.


This fun piece I picked up for $3 at Kohl’s in June.


I love throw pillows. Sam and my parents can attest to this. We have two VERY large plastic bins full of seasonal throw pillow stuffed to the brim in our loft.


Here’s another shot of the living room. The area rug was less than $50 at Ross. The cute ghost throw blanket was $9.99 at another of our favorite stores, Fred Meyer. The wall art you see is all from World Market. I paid full price for that, but I just loved it!


The wood tray on the ottoman we picked up for less than $20 at Costco. The cute pumpkins you see were one of Sam’s find. They were only $1 at Target (a store which sometimes feels like our second home).


We have so much fun decorating our end tables. The birds you see were a must have this year. They are a Target find. We have them for every holiday, and we just had to have them for Halloween.


The other table has this cute floral arrangement was originally $39.99 at Michael’s. I picked it up for $3.99 in December!


Our table is one of our favorite things to decorate. All the decor you see on the table was purchased on sale or clearance at Michael’s.


I always love to have Suzy’s Zoo calendar hanging on my pantry door.


We always have seasonal list pads on our fridge. These were only $1 each at Michael’s.


These spooky ghost lights were 50% off at Fred Meyer.



We do have to have our seasonal hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. We bought these this weekend for 50% off.

23107254_10208426495020500_611636990_o (1).jpg

This cute little Jack-o’-lantern tree and ornaments were not on sale but we fell in love with them at Hallmark Gold Crown, where we are platinum members. The “book” it’s sitting on is a storage box that I picked up at TJ Maxx for $6.99.


I just love this little corner. The flower arrangement is from our wedding. The wreath was a find. I bought it in March at Lowe’s for $5. The ghost cutout is one my grandma bought me in the 1990s and the little Jack-o’-lantern was just $0.98 at WalMart.


Here’s a better view of one of our end tables. I love the shade decorations. I just made the bats out of black cardboard paper.


I spruced up the front door with this adorable scarecrow. My mom bought this for me last year. The closer we get to Halloween the cheaper they are.

23131301_10214808674790864_1169678016_o (1).jpg

Finally, here are our pumpkins this year. We waited as long as we could before Halloween. Sam carved the cute spider and I carved the spooky ghost.

4 thoughts on “Finally Our Fall Decor

  1. I’m wanting some festive throw pillows for my couch. Since you have a whole bin, I’m hoping you can share some tips for where to find the best ones! When should I start looking for deals/sales?


    1. Macy,
      I have soooo many thoughts on throw pillows! Thanks for asking. Inspired by YOUR questions, I will do a post about throw pillows this week and tell you all my tips and tricks 🙂

      ❤ Ian


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