Dusting…why is it so hard? HELP!


Well here we are…Halloween has come and gone. I know it ended less than 12 hours ago, but I suddenly feel guilty for still having any Halloween decor still up, outside or inside the house. I don’t want us to be “those” neighbors.

Suddenly all I can think about are cornucopias, turkeys, and pilgrims. I think we’ll have to endure our Halloween decor until we have time to transform our house into an “Ode to Jamestown” on Friday afternoon.

But here are my real thoughts for today. How did everything get soooooo dusty over the past few weeks? We keep our house impeccably clean! Bathrooms cleans, bed made, rugs vacuumed, furniture vacuumed, floors swiffered, pillow fluffed…but some how there is the inevitable collection of dust that accumulates much faster than I think it should. I’m sure Martha Stewart’s house, or houses/farms/estates rather, are never dusty (let’s just chose not to think about the army of people she employs to make sure of this).

And as much as I love to clean, I HATE to dust. And I’m not really sure that I know how. I have memories of my mom using Pledge Lemon furniture polish and then Orange Glo when that changed the world in the 90s. The wood surfaces in our house always smelled like citrus and were unusually slippery. But, we don’t have any real wood in our house and I’m not sure what to do.

What I do: Currently, I use a Swiffer Duster .  This little beauty magically traps dust while I frolic about the house thinking that I’m doing something amazing. But, then the dust comes back all to soon. Then I inevitably end up begrudgingly slaving around the house with a damp cleaning cloth trying to pick up all the dust. It never seems to work…and there’s not the satisfyingly wonderful, yet seemingly toxic,citrus smell.


Please tell me how you dust. I’d really love to know. Do you use the Swiffer too, furniture polish, some magic tool I have yet to discover? Please please please share your dusting secrets, or any other secrets for that matter 😉 with me.



7 thoughts on “Dusting…why is it so hard? HELP!

  1. Damp cloth-the only thing that works. It doesn’t keep the dust away for long, but I’m not sure anything does. At least the dusty summer open-window days are gone for now. Get ready for the wet muddy-boot days now. 😝


  2. I dust the piano fairly regularly but other things I don’t think about until we’re having company. I use Old English Lemon Oil and a cloth rag.


  3. Our air is dusty, best thing to do is get an air purifier. This will filter out the particles and somewhat prevent a massive collection of dust. Although, from a scientific perspective, the second law of thermodynamics does prove that everything goes into chaos. We have to put work into our system to keep a stable state. So every time you swipe dust away, you are confirming that you cannot escape the law of entropy. LOL


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