Thanks Starbucks…


Today I have many things to share…they will come. They include all my advice on THROW PILLOWS and my favorite FRENCH DIP SANDWICH  that we are having for dinner tonight. But, first I have some things to say, things that I think are meaningful thoughts, for this morning.

Thanks Starbucks...I mean its the place where many of us start out day with the magical beverage that brings us back to life. But in our family, it means so much more. Many of you know, but many of you don’t know that Sam and I met at Starbucks. I was a customer at his drive-up window. I wasn’t even supposed to be in that part of town that summer day,  but we met…dated for  2 weeks and then began a long distance romance that lasted for over a year until we finally lived only 50 miles apart instead of 750 miles apart.

Besides introducing us, Starbucks also helped Sam finish school online through Arizona State University. The incredible Starbucks College Achievement Plan gave Sam the opportunity to finish school without accumulating more student loan debt. And, at the end, his graduation was a huge party. We spent a long weekend at Arizona State University in Tempe and Starbucks treated all their CAP (College Achievement Plan) graduates and their families like royalty.


But, our run with Starbucks has come to an end. This morning the alarm didn’t sound at 4am, he didn’t put on a black polo or a green apron. Sam put on a tie and went to his new “big boy job,” as we lovingly call it. This morning I went to Starbucks, got coffee, and wasn’t greeted by that adorable smile. It was bitter sweet for both of us. We’re so excited for this new chapter, and lovingly closing the door on the Starbucks chapter. 

Post Script: My thoughts on the new Starbucks holiday cups!

I love them! And while I do feel a bit sorry for Tom Turkey as I drink from a cup with a Christmas Tree on it while it’s only November 2, I’m ecstatic. I’m happy that this cup feels more festive than last year’s plain red cup. And I’ll happily be drinking Peppermint Mochas and Chestnut Prailine Lattes until Chirstmas 🙂 Oh and definitely enjoying the Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini (while trying to forget that it packs 530 calories).

2 thoughts on “Thanks Starbucks…

  1. That story of you both meeting is adorable!! 😍😍

    I love hearing these kinds of stories! I want to meet this man that stole your heart! ❤️


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