All My Thoughts on…Throw Pillows


I have a deep love for throw pillows! I always have. We have throw pillows for every season. The smattering you see here is just a tiny sample of the collection. Along with other random stuff in our upstairs loft that doubles as family room, exercise space, and holiday storage area.

Recently, one of you asked about my advice on buying throw pillows. So here are my thoughts.

  1. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay full price for throw pillows! They are ridiculously over priced. At retail, they seem to range anywhere from $25 to $50, and I don’t know about you, but I would feel pretty silly if I came home with at $50 decorative pillow.
  2. Don’t buy throw pillows at department stores! Our dear department stores need to make a buck off you anyway they can, so many things, like throw pillows are always priced at a huge mark up. Buying throw pillows from department stores is literally like throwing money in the toilet!
  3. Buy colors, not necessarily designs that you like. Here’s what I mean. In the photo above There are several pillows with specific designs like the “letter” or the “Jack-o’-lantern.” Those pillows cost more, so I usually buy just one for each season, usually for the center of my couch or love seat. Keep reading…
  4. Buy in pairs. Some of the pillows I have are just seasonal colors. The orange pillow in the photo came in a set, and so did the blue floral pillow. Each of those pillows work on my couch at different times of the year. They both came in a set of 2 for $14.99! You don’t always have to have the pillow with the pumpkins, or the hearts, or whatever, just make sure you have a festive/seasonal color and your room will look great.
  5. Obviously, Look for Sales! I picked up some great Thanksgiving throw pillows that Sam fell in love with last weekend. They were only $9.99 at SEARS! So maybe I’ll buy throws at ONE department store. But, that’s only because Sears has basically become a discount store now.
  6. Where to buy? Okay here’s the part I love…giving you advice. The best throw pillows that come in pairs come from TJ MAXX. Hands down. They will always have the best price. Usually just $14.99-$19.99 for a set of 2. Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less are a close tie for 2nd place. Finally, Target is another gem for pillows too. They are usually overpriced, but less than major department stores, so take a look there. I know you shop there already!


Here are the pillows that Sam fell in love with at Sears. And I must admit, I love them too.


Here’s one of them on our love seat!

20171105_213620Here’s another new pillow in our arm chair


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