Chili Tacos on a Week Night

Hello Friends. Even with just Sam and I, the struggle to figure out what to have for dinner on a weeknight is hard. Especially when it gets dark so soon, and it seems that we should all be inside huddled next the heater, avoiding the chilly temperatures outside.


But, my love for tacos (soft shell for me, crunchy shell for Sam)  knows no bounds. And sometimes I want tacos for dinner, but I don’t want to prep any meat or beans. And that’s okay! One my family’s old tricks is to use chili as a substitute. It takes all the prep work out, and literally all you’ll have to do is open up a few containers, and chop up some veggies! It couldn’t be simpler.


Like I said yesterday, we are trying to cut out ground beef with turkey. We absolutely love NALLEY TURKEY CHILI. It tastes just like its beef counterpart but has considerably less fat and calories. It can usually be found on sale for just 98¢ at our local Winco Foods. Once again, if you haven’t yet discovered this magical land of affordable groceries or, heaven forbid, you live in an area that has not embraced it yet, please please please find a Winco  and see for your self. It is amazing!


Sam loves Mexican Rice. Whenever we have tacos or burritos, I always add this delicious Mexican Rice. Once again, it is a Winco find. I buy it for $1 so I usually stock up. All you do is add water and simmer for 25 minutes.


In our house, no taco is complete with out TACO BELL MILD SAUCE. I love this stuff. I could literally just drink it from the bottle. Also, I don’t know how much you pay at your grocery store, BUT…it I found it for only $1.30 at WINCO. 


I won’t lie… I love to have freshly shredded cheese, but some nights it is not worth the hassle. Just buy a bag of shredded cheese. It’s almost as good, I just don’t think it melts the same.


We “taco,” (yes it can be a verb) pretty simply. But I HAVE to have a nice sweet onion.


Our final toppings always include DARIGOLD SOUR CREAM. It really is the best, and a giant tub of the stuff costs less than $5.00 at Costco. And we love love love Herdez Guacamole Salsa too. It has changed our lives. It’s a bit spicy, so beware. And it can be hard to find, but we always buy it at our beloved Target. 

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