Our Thanksgiving Table…and My Holiday Tips & Tricks

It’s that time already. We are in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations. (If you haven’t started your preparations already, you should hurry)! Sam and I love to host holidays. Last year we hosted Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful.

This year our decorations are purely ornamental because Sam and I are taking a snowshoeing trip to Central Oregon for the week to celebrate our belated honeymoon. But, nonetheless we have to have holiday decorations up, so here is our dining room.


Here is Sam lovingly laying out the Thanksgiving table cloth and table runner. I hate trying even them out and line up corners…Sam is really good at it!

20161123_140509 (1).jpg

Here is one view of the finished product. This table setting is really my testament to how you really can “design on a dime.” You just have to purchase things after each holiday.

  1. The tablecloth was a summertime clearance buy at Macy’s. I paid $5
  2. The table runner was a Michael’s purchase…$2.38 
  3. The centerpiece was only $6.00 at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts. 
  4. The green tapers and their holders were less than $10 at Target. 
  5. The plates and water glasses were from the DollarTree. Don’t judge…they look great.
  6. The napkins were literally 25¢ each at Kohl’s in July. 

20161124_141911 (1).jpg

Here’s another view of our table. Complete with bread and the gravy boat that my mom bought us.

Next stay tuned for my EASY THANKSGIVING HACKS…

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