Our Thanksgiving Honeymoon

Well here we are. The Christmas season (the most wonderful time of the year) is officially upon us. I simply cannot believe that 2017 is nearly gone. The year Sam and I got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, and made countless memories with family and friends. I’m sad to see 2017 go, but so excited for what 2018 has in store for us.

It’s time for me to tell you all about our fabulous trip to Bend, Oregon for our honeymoon/Thanksgiving getaway. Here we go!


In anticipation of any weather as we crossed the Santiam Pass, we borrowed Sam’s parent’s Subaru Forester. All I can say is we were thankful to have it. No, not because there was snow….we had hopes for snow…but it was balmy in the low 60s pretty much the whole time we were there. What was so wonderful about the Subaru is the size. Both of us are good at packing (Sam is a pro at making everything fit in our gorgeous London Fog luggage (currently on sale at Macy’s), and I am a pro at making sure we forget NOTHING), but we always overestimate the amount of clothes, food, shoes, and toiletries we might need. I mean who knows…what if all your socks get eaten by bears. Or, what if you’re stranded for a month and need enough food to carry you through. Or, what if the Queen decides to come for a visit and you need something formal to wear. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. So when Her Majesty does pop in for an unexpected spot of tea, we’ll be ready 🙂

20171123_115737 (1)

We found an amazing condo for the week at Mt. Batchelor village on VRBO. This amazing vacation rental sight has been one of our top favorites for years. This was the stunning view from one of our two balconies. It was great to be able to sit in the hot tub and night and have beautiful views of downtown Bend in the distance.


One day, we enjoyed an amazing breakfast at McKay’s Cottage near Bend’s Old Mill District. Sam had this beautiful omelette.


I enjoyed this beautiful Tex-Mex take on Eggs Benedict their “Baja Chicken Hash Stack.” Topped with one of my favorite things, poached eggs.


One of the highlights on our trip was snowshoeing on Mt. Bachelor. This we did through Wanderlust Tours.  It was a first for both of us and it turned out to be so much fun. It almost didn’t happen though. it had rained the day before and they called to let us know we probably wouldn’t have good enough snow. Lucky for us, it snowed enough overnight to go ahead with our excursion.


We had our ups and our downs along the trip 🙂 But Sam always manages to land in style…good thing I was the one holding the camera or you would have seen me face-planted in the snow!


Here we are at the end of our trip with our awesome guide, Jared. He is a adventuresome New England transplant who fell in love with the beautiful Pacific North West. Can you blame him?


The next day was Thanksgiving. We wanted to spend the day celebrating, not cooking. Especially since it was just the two of us. So we enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving buffet at McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Downtown Bend. I was skeptical at first. I love holiday food, done right! But we were both pleasantly surprised. The place was packed, but we had made a reservation months in advance, so no problem there. And the food was delicious; traditional stuffing (just like the one we made together), moist turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and fresh rolls. Just like a home-cooked meal. The only disappointment was the sub-par pumpkin pie, but we made up for that with other deserts we had brought with us.


We realized how hungry we were once we got there!


A festive, yet simple table setting that was easy to switch out between guests.


Always on the hunt for delicious eateries to make our regular stops on adventures, we began our Black Friday festivities at The Sparrow Bakery.  Here is the delicious breakfast sandwich I enjoyed; complete with arugula, avocado, Gruyere cheese, and a beautiful poached egg, on a freshly baked croissant.

After breakfast we did a little shopping, I sneakily bought Sam a few presents while I sent him off to look for other things…hehe.


Our fun Black Friday ended in perfection. A side-by-side massage at Sage Springs Spa at the Sunriver Resort.  This was Sam’s first massage which was a fun bonus! Followed by 30 minutes in their beautiful Oasis Room. A perfect end to a perfect day! Followed by Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, of course!


Our wonderful time in Bend flew by much to quickly. Before we left, we made pilgrimage to The Sparrow Bakery’s second location. Here is a beautiful latte and some very festive sugar cookies we enjoyed.


I braved my first Monte Cristo Sandwich at Sparrow as well. I wanted a bagel, but they were out. So I knew it was a sign for me to venture into the great unknown. If you are unfamilar with the amalgamation of things that is a Monte Cristo it contains: turkey, grilled onions, Gruyere cheese, raspberry preserves, egg battered bread (think french bread), and a topping of confectioner’s sugar. It was weird, but not bad. I might even order it again when we return.

So there it is, a brief photo recap of where were were hiding out this Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with good food and the people you love.

Soon, I’ll share our Christmas decorations with you!


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