Decorating Fun (leftover from Christmas)

Christmas is always a busy time for us. Sam and I are both musicians, we both come from families with teachers, I am a teacher, we are heavily involved with church,  and we have family spread out all across the country. But one of our favorite traditions is decorating.

As a kid, some of my favorite memories are of mom, dad, and me decorating our house for Christmas. People always complemented on how much they loved our decor. Every inch of the house was/still is covered in lights, fake snow, nativity scenes, nutcrakers, little treasures, snow globes, and many other keepsakes. We always decorated the first weekend of December and ordered pizza.

Sam and I keep that tradition alive in our little family of two as well. The first time Sam helped me decorate my house for Christmas was when we were dating. He had driven 750 miles to visit, and I really really wanted us to be able to decorate for Christmas together. It was early November, but he happily agreed. Little did he know the ordeal that it was.

At that point in my life, I only had 5 Christmas trees in the house, plus the rest of the decor. We donned our Christmas pjs and set out eating pizza, and decking the halls. I have a photo of Sam, on the living room floor, diligently putting together one of the Christmas trees, lovingly fluffing each branch to make it look perfect. It’s one of my favorite memories of our dating years. He found out how crazy I was about Christmas that night. We stayed up until 3am getting the house ready for Christmas!

Fast forward a few years to Christmas 2017. We now have more trees, more rooms, and more decor!


Here are just a few of the containers that hold all of our Christmas decor.


Sam and my mom diligently preparing our new “winter wonderland” tablescape.


Sam and mom trimming our Hallmark Keepsake tree in the office. It is lovingly bedecked with out collection of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that we have collected over the years. Growing up, mom always bought me several Hallmark ornaments each year. Then when I moved into my own home I already had a huge collection of my own ornaments!



Here is me and mom with the completed winter wonderland table in the dining room. It turned out perfectly!

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