The New Vase (I need your help)

I recently bought a new vase…you might see a pitcher. KEEP READING BECAUSE I NEED YOUR HELP.

Anyway, I’ve had my eye on it for a while. I saw it at my favorite store, Target, several months ago. At that time, it was the original price of $29.99. There is not way that I would pay full price for the vase. But, being the diligently Target shopper that I am, I knew that if I patiently waited, I might find it later on and end-cap at a more reasonable price.

I waited a couple weeks, and behold…it was on an end cap for $18.76. Still, not a price I would pay. There were two left, so I walked away and crossed my fingers. Another week passes, and I once again see the vase. It is again on the end cap and there is ONE vase left. The price is $12.76. I can’t bring myself to buy it. It has to be under $10 to be something I can justify buying. Again, I cross my fingers and wait.

A few more days pass, I once again see the coveted vase on the end-cap. Yet another clearance sticker has been put on the vase and it is now $8.58. I pick it up, admire it, and long to bring it home…but I know that if I just wait a few more days, I may be able to bring it home for even less.

Low and behold, I go to Target last week, walk to my favorite end-cap and see my one lonely vase on the bottom shelf. I pick it up, wistfully thinking it may be a lower price….and IT IS! It now has a clearance sticker that say $5.56. I’ve succeeded. I know at this point I can’t get it for any cheaper so I happily take it home.

NOW I need your help…

I’d like to fill it with a lovely floral arrangement. And I mean silk flowers…I love to have fresh flowers, and Sam and I often surprise each other with real flowers, but I want this new vase to be an arrangement that will last.

WHAT SHOULD IT BE? Send me your thoughts, ideas, pins, photos…

THANKS 🙂20180212_152641

4 thoughts on “The New Vase (I need your help)

  1. Hello Ian and Sam! I love the story of perseverance and an amazing price! I have two designs I think you might like. I guess first I would ask where ( what room ) the vase is going into and what will be near it. Check this link out to this design. and alo check out this arrangement: What is your mailing address? xx to you both.

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