Manners Matter…Yes it’s True (My thoughts on dinner being a dinner guest)


I love to talk about manners. For many of us, manners were thoughtfully instilled in us by our parents.  Or by manners-minded teachers from 4th/5th grade (who will probably read this post, you know you you are…thank you!) This could be as easy as holding the door open for a stranger, to remembering to always bring a dish to a potluck meal to placing your napkin in your lap. For some reason, so many people nowadays seem to struggle with basic manners. One of my biggest pet peeves revolves around the Thank You card. I’ve said it before…ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS send a thank you card…but I digress.

Today I’d like to talk about dinner guests. I was taught that when you are invited to someone’s house for dinner (whether it’s a friend, coworker, your boss…whomever) you always ask if there is anything you can bring. Period.

Recently Sam and I had some very dear friends over for dinner. They are also a young married couple. When I first invited them over, the first question of the wife was…what can we bring? I know her parents was well and know that they were the ones to teach her these wonderful manners.

Of course I said not to bring anything, please just bring yourselves. And they did…but they also brought something else…why? …because they also have wonderful manners.

Our friends brought us the lovely bouquet you see in the picture. They did not have to bring anythings, and I told them they should not have brought it, but they did, and I adored their thoughtful gift for nearly 2 weeks.

So here are some basic guidelines to guide us all through the world of being a dinner guest:

  1. Always ask if you can bring something. If your host says no, bring flowers or another small gift for your host.
  2. If your host says yes, and you are going to bring something…then for heaven’s sake actually bring it. There is nothing more rude that saying you will bring something, and then showing up without it.
  3. If you are bringing something, bring enough for everyone. If you bring a pathetic little portion of whatever it was you will just look silly.
  4. I hope this helps. 🙂

One thought on “Manners Matter…Yes it’s True (My thoughts on dinner being a dinner guest)

  1. Thanks for the quick manner lesson! If I asked the host what I should bring, and they told me nothing, I would gift them with my presence. I don’t know if I would have even thought flowers or something similar! 🙂


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