Let’s Make the Bed: Do You or Don’t You?


Let’s be real…we all love the following feeling…after a long hard day, crawling into a perfectly made bed at night. The sheets are crisply tucked in, pillows are fluffed, and the comforter hangs evenly over each side of the bed as you snuggle it up to your face. That’s the dream. For many people…probably not the reality.

I love to have the bed made nicely…see above 😉  I was taught early on to diligently make my bed every morning. I would painstakingly tuck in my Scooby-Doo, Aladin, Micky Mouse, or whatever sheets I was obsessed with that week. Then tuck in my blanket(s), then finish it off with the evenly distributed matching comforter. Back then it was easy, my arms could easily reach around my entire twin-size bed from one side.

As an adult, I still enjoy having a perfectly made bed, but I hate the process. First, sheets are so boring now, just bland colors, no fun patterns or cartoon characters. Second, our queen size bed is hard to make. So much bending and reaching and walking around the bed. Third our mattress is heavy! It’s hard to tuck the sheets in. Fourth, we have so many pillows to arrange: euro shams, standard shams, bed pillows, and throw pillows. (Don’t bother trying to tell me we don’t need so many pillows…we do!)

Thankfully, my dear-sainted husband is a pro at making our queen size bed every morning. The pillows are always arranged to perfection, the sheets are always perfectly tucked, and the comforter is perfectly placed. Each night I know that I will crawl into a bed-making masterpiece.

I’ve read many places that people who make their bed every morning are exponentially more successful in life. I would tend to believe that. It’s the beginning of the morning and you have already  completed a major accomplishment. One that could involved stubbed toes, frustration, blood, sweat and tears, depending on your bed.

What are your thoughts? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make the Bed: Do You or Don’t You?

  1. For years the last one out of bed would make it. And then “at da” we started making our side of the bed when we got up. Now that I am retired and usually stay in bed longer so I usually do it!. Fifty years next June!

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