Hi! I’m Ian, and the handsome blond guy with me is my husband Sam. We are newlyweds, starting our new life together. We love our home and always strive to make our home a comfortable and inviting place for our family and friends. What makes a house a home? I think it’s all about living authentically and comfortably. Your home should be your haven that fits you look like your favorite pair of jeans. Living comfortably and authentically means that you are surrounded by people and things that you love.

My philosophy is simply–if you love it, it’s perfect! Does everything in your home have to match? NO! Decorate with what you like the way you like it. Does everything you cook have to be low calorie? NO! I strive to cook healthy meals, but I will always love butter and heavy cream. Do I always have to wear designer brands? NO! I love to buy designer brands to decorate my home and to wear, but I refuse to pay full price. Believe me, you can always get what you want on sale or clearance if you learn to shop well, use the right coupons, and peruse the clearance aisle.