The Blackberries are Ripe and Summer is EndingĀ 

I love summer. Even when we are knee deep in summer activities it still seems like life is just a bit more laid back. I think it mainly seems like that because those beautifully long summer days give us so much more time to get things done. For Sam and I summer was pretty uneventful. After our hectic spring it was a welcome change.

 One of our biggest highlights has been the fact that our boy Oliver is finally done with all his vaccinations which means we can take him outside. So far this means some exploring in our jungle-like front yard and a walk or two up our country road. These walks consist mainly of him being carried, but still.

Last week, we discovered a huge patch of gorgeous blackberries growing on the edge of our property. I was thrilled! Not only are blackberries my favorite berry, but they are also so nostalgic. When I was young my grandparents had tons of blackberries that grew near their home. My cousins and I would eagerly pick as many berries as we could so my grandma could make her delicious blackberry pies. 

So last week Sam and I picked quarts and quarts full of berries. I made a cobbler for my dad’s birthday and we froze the rest. I’m looking forward to some pies during the fall months. I’d love to know what others do with blackberries. 

Now about a week later all the berries are gone. It always seems to me that while they are quintessentially a summer fruit, they bring with them the beginning of early fall. The big maple tree in our front yard is beginning to turn the most glorious red, our house now has early fall decor on display, and I bought cans of pumpkin puree at Costco for use in the not so distant future. And while I’m sad to see summer leave, I’m anxiously awaiting an autumn full of family, friends, new adventures, and of course…pumpkins!